Feel the Product - Fashion is all about feel.

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Feel the Product-Fashion is all about feel.

It has been the biggest desire of customers for a long time that they should know everything about the product they are purchasing. Whenever they go to purchase something in an offline store, they examine it thoroughly. They inspect it carefully and if they are satisfied they purchase that product.

But, what about online stores, i.e. E-Commerce??









Nowadays, the usage of internet has gone to another level and most of us have started to shop online. Obviously because it is convenient and time saving. Internet has given us the opportunity to shop from our home and get our product at our doorstep. And the most important, we can pay the way we are comfortable in.










E-Commerce has provided a number of options and opportunities to customers. Now, they have more options, more variety and more quantity. Lying on bed customers can buy anything from any corner of the world. But, with all this, there is one more thing that e-commerce has given not as a gift ,but I would say, "it's a fear". Fear that makes customers think twice before buying any product. This fear is "The fear of Fraud" "The fear of Dupe". Nowadays it has become so common that customer do not get what he/she has ordered. And here they feel cheated and misbehaved. Then, why they should not? They are not earning money to spend on these frauds. And why should they?

From very first day of our establishment Lemonstreet.in has kept this in mind. We devoted ourselves to give the best quality at reasonable price to our customers. However, this was not enough. We wanted to frighten off that fear of getting cheated and tricked. So, after days of research and hard work, we found something that was very exciting and relieving too.

We found this, "Feel The Product". First, time in history of e-commerce industry we got something that would help e-commerce to regain faith of customers.

You must have found out what "Feel the Product" is all about. Let me clear the mist for you. FTP is an effort to bring customer closer to the product he/she is purchasing. It is an attempt to let customer feel the product. Here, we make video of each and every t-shirt (right now, we are selling t-shirts on lemonstreet.in) and try to describe them in a new way. We try to go through every single detail of t-shirts available. We try to ensure that it is a quality product with quality fabric, we show the pattern and design in detail and we show the fine finishing of the t-shirt is neat and distinct. We show the stretch of the fabric and many more things. You will know more when you see the FTP videos. One more important aspect of FTP is that we have not done any editing in videos.

This way we have tried to give customers a feeling about the product. Now, you can buy your favorite t-shirt without any fear and doubt. Be at ease and take your time. Feel like you are shopping offline and inspecting t-shirts yourself. Look at it until you are satisfied.


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